Pop Goes The Culture.

A dating site that focuses on the actual Bostonian-themed dates themselves

Are you single? What if you…

Wanna check out the new “Art of the Americas” wing at the MFA?
How about that new restaurant that just opened in Beacon Hill?

That flight to Los Angeles sounds really appealing right about now...

Well here’s a new idea: howaboutwe.com was founded by a couple childhood friends from Newton who developed a new way of dating and exploring Bostonian culture. People instead ask, “How about we,” and fill in the dots with potential fun date ideas. There’s a daily e-mail of date proposals and on the homepage there’s a stream of date ideas picked for you, based on your interests.

Co-Founder, Aaron Schildkrout says, “The emphasis on our site is what you’re going to do on dates and where you’re going to go –in addition to– who you are going to go with.” Instead of laboring on superficial criteria of a person’s hair color and height, chemistry is achieved through discoveries of mutual fun interests.

People know Boston and what is awesome in their city, so why not get creative and discover the very Bostonian things to do? A few recent popular ideas include: ice skating at Frog Pond, seeing a midnight show at the Improv Asylum, and even going to Logan Airport and taking the first flight available!

Who says fun during the holidays is only reserved for those in relationships?

Courtesy of The Boston Globe


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