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How to Look Fabulous at a Super Bowl Party

When think of dressing for parties, I think of wearing a cute dress, some stillettos and jewelry…but adding the word “football” to the prefix suddenly means T-shirts, jeans and (gasp!) sneakers!

What are the answers to questions such as “What do I wear to a football game?” or “How do I make this jersey look cute?”

Considering that 90% of the focus will be on the TV screen, how do you divert the other 10% back to you?  This is a tough question as there is backlash at football games for being too pretty (as if anyone can be too pretty!)

Well the answer lies in the paradox that a girl needs to adopt a “I’m casual-yet-sexy-I-hope-I’m-not-trying-too-hard-look.”

Stiletto Sports recommends these guidelines.

There are 3 cardinal rules to achieve Game Day Chic:

  1. Better to be Underdressed Than Overdressed. You can usually never be too overdressed….except when it comes to tailgating and sporting events. Do not go to a game in a satin dress and heels. You are going to watch a football game, not go for cocktails downtown.  If you attempt a dress, make it casual sundress in a team color and casually accessorize it with flip flops, for example.
  2. Color Coordinate: Be careful what colors you wear. You don’t want to go to a NY Jets bar for the Jets-Patriots game and wear red just because it’s your signature color. Find out the colors of the teams that are playing and plan around that!
  3. Be Comfortable: It’s great that you want to wear your really cute new 5-inch shoes. But keep in mind, football games last well over 3 hours. Be comfortable!

Here are some potential looks:

Be the Ultimate Catch

What hot lately is pairing big, baggy tops over skinny bottoms.  It says, “I’m wearing my boyfriend’s clothes, but I look even hotter than when he wears them!” Remember this ladies:

  1. Don’t go baggy all over. If you are doing a big, loose top, make sure you have slim or tailored bottoms or leggings/jeggings.
  2. Accessorize. If you are going to wear menswear or baggy things that secretly hide your bod, bring out the feminine side with some fun jewelry, hair things and bags to make sure you look like a girl wearing her boyfriend’s clothes (not a girl who looks like her boyfriend.)
  3. It’s all about the shoes. Try booties and boots. You definitely do not want to pair boyfriend-inspired looks with grungy sneakers. Fail!

This girl turned a simple guy's T-shirt into a stylish over-the-shoulder top and added feminine flair with a necklace and over-sized bag while still being comfy!


She did the same, but color-coordinated differently, but opted for skinny jeans, a clutch and added bracelets instead.


The Safety

You can’t go wrong with this season’s staple: the sweater dress.

The perfect sweater dress is all about a cowl, drapey neck and form-hugging blends. Paired with leggings/jeggings/skinny jeans, the look is put-together and stylish without the hassle.

Be Jerseylicious

Don’t worry, this doesn’t require turning skin orange, engaging in GTL or slightly resembling Snooki.  Jessica Simpson got a lot of backlash while sporting a pink jersey while supporting then-bf Tony Romo at a Dallas Cowboys game.  I personally wouldn’t rock a pink jersey. it’s not my style and people tend to assume if a girl is wearing one (preferably adorned with rhinestones) she knows nothing about the game.

Do NOT do this.

There are, however cute options that do relate to this year’s Super Bowl teams:










Team Color Coordinated

The last look I recommend is just to simply wear the team colors in a classy manner.

NFL fans know that the best thing to wear to a game is your team colors. I’m not sure they even let you in an NFL stadium if you aren’t sporting the fan color of the day. But the same look applies to the college football, even if it’s not as strictly enforced! Each team has a dominant color, a secondary “accent” color and an alternate color. Pick one and build your look around that color. Coordinate your T-shirt with your bag and shoes and add some layering pieces to pull it all together. Distressed denim is also a plus!


Happy Hour…for Hair

Sorry guys, this is an extremely girlie post.  At least tell your girlfriend about this.

What could a girl love more than martinis and getting her hair blown out?
How about both? C’mon, you know on a Friday afternoon, you deserve to be pampered after all that hard work!

Right in the heart of Copley, the posh Mandarin Hotel Boston provides the perfect venue! Mandarin Boston’s M Bar & Lounge teams up with the hotel’s MIZU salon to bring “Happy Hour for Hair” to get you ready before a night on the town!

Get a tonic for your hair AND a tonic for your tastebuds! Picture courtesy of Style Boston.

The M Bar & Lounge provides an exclusive menu of cocktails such as the Monsieur consisting of: Grey Goose La Poire, St. Germain, topped with Louis Roederer champagne or the MO-dern with: Pisco, St. Germain, fresh lime juice and crushed grapes topped with club soda. You can also nibble on a Bento Box that consists of your choice: dumplings, lobster wonton, korean beef bbq, duck spring roll, tuna or steak tartar amongst other selections.

Perfect if you work in the city, but live in the suburbs!  Stay in the city, don’t go home after work to get ready!

I had the opportunity to attend the Nirva Collection’s Spring 2011 show at the MIZU Salon during last Fall’s Boston Fashion Week 2010.

A hair salon transformed into a fashion runway? Believe it! I took this picture on my iPhone.

The price is costly: $50 to be exact. Reservations are required by calling (617) 585-6498.

Happy hour starts from 5:00 pm onwards Thursdays and Fridays.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel
776 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02119


A dating site that focuses on the actual Bostonian-themed dates themselves

Are you single? What if you…

Wanna check out the new “Art of the Americas” wing at the MFA?
How about that new restaurant that just opened in Beacon Hill?

That flight to Los Angeles sounds really appealing right about now...

Well here’s a new idea: howaboutwe.com was founded by a couple childhood friends from Newton who developed a new way of dating and exploring Bostonian culture. People instead ask, “How about we,” and fill in the dots with potential fun date ideas. There’s a daily e-mail of date proposals and on the homepage there’s a stream of date ideas picked for you, based on your interests.

Co-Founder, Aaron Schildkrout says, “The emphasis on our site is what you’re going to do on dates and where you’re going to go –in addition to– who you are going to go with.” Instead of laboring on superficial criteria of a person’s hair color and height, chemistry is achieved through discoveries of mutual fun interests.

People know Boston and what is awesome in their city, so why not get creative and discover the very Bostonian things to do? A few recent popular ideas include: ice skating at Frog Pond, seeing a midnight show at the Improv Asylum, and even going to Logan Airport and taking the first flight available!

Who says fun during the holidays is only reserved for those in relationships?

Courtesy of The Boston Globe

A Holiday Message from The Kardashians.

I got this via Saturday Night Live…congrats guys, it’s very spot on!


The North Face and Dick’s Sporting Goods partner to support “Boarding for Breast Cancer”

Now that temperatures have dropped, everyone is wearing The North Face Denali fleece jackets (guys and girls alike) why not kill two birds with one stone?

Dick’s Sporting Goods is selling a limited-edition black North Face fleece called the “Pink Ribbon Denali” which $2 from every sale goes to the “Boarding for Breast Cancer” foundation. This is an ongoing project where Dick’s is selling a handful of pink breast cancer-themed items from various brands such as Wilson, NFL, and Igloo.

The North Face "Pink Ribbon Denali" jacket.

This fleece pictured above is in their signature “Denali” style in their most popular color for both men and women, black. The difference is, the famous North Face logo on the front and back is in pink and on the left sleeve is the pink breast cancer ribbon sewn in.

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Breast Cancer Awareness website
Boarding for Breast Cancer official website, www.b4bc.org

Will they call it Pinkbury St. now?

The wait is finally over!

The current location of the Boston Pinkbury on Newbury St.

After months of speculation, Pinkberry Boston finally opened it’s doors on Newbury St. yesterday after being delayed a week!

Up until now, Boston has had a dearth of frozen yogurt places except for Berry Line in Fenway, Harvard Square and Porter; Chill in Brighton’s Cleveland Circle, and Red Mango.  Pinkberry is the first froyo location downtown.

Pinkberry is a favorite across LA to NYC and many celebs including Ashley Greene and Kim Kardashian.

Ashley Greene pictured here enjoying Pinkberry out in LA on October 1st.

Who can’t go wrong with yogurt topped with Capt’n Crunch and Fruity Pebbles? My personal favorite lately is their Pumpkin flavor topped with graham crackers.

Best Halloween Costume Thus Far

Everyone and their mother is dressing up as some cast member from Jersey Shore.  Ellen DeGeneres decided to take it a bit further…

Who knew?

It’s Halloween weekend and who can forget the really bad (and I mean, really bad) Halloween-themed movies from our childhood that played non-stop on Disney?

I just found out an interesting connection: apparently Blake Lively of Gossip Girl is step-sisters with Robyn Lively who played the lead character Louise Miller on the cheesy 80’s flick, Teen Witch.

Remember that movie? Here’s a refresher:

Robyn (L) played the red-head popular wannabe in Teen Witch and Blake (middle) is today's "It Girl" are pictured here at the 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards.